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Youth Matters

        “The youths are the hope of our nation,” said by Dr. Jose Rizal, a Filipino National Hero. Home, school and church are the environment of one’s childhood where values has been learned. Yet the society is havoc caused by abusing drugs.

      Drug addiction will harm the mind and body. Drug addiction is a brain disease because the abuse of drugs leads to changes in the structure and function of the brain. It becomes one of the major problems in the society.

     To prevent and protect the youths, education is the most effective tool. The Truth About Drugs program is the largest and comprehensive nongovernmental drug prevention campaign of its kind. It consist of documentary film, the facts of 11 most common abused drugs and the public service announcements videos. The educational program is good for Grade V to High school level.

       Vivian G. Lomuntad requested a permission to campaign using the Drug-Free Education from the Drug-Free World Foundation based in United States of America.

        August 22, 2014 at 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon, the Grade V and VI pupils of Pinmaludpod Elementary School received this program for one hour and forty-five minutes. The pupils were articulate during questions and answers portion of the program relevant to the topic presented and discussed. The pupils are aware of what is drug addiction and some strongly confessed that member of the family is abusing drugs. But no enough knowledge of the specific danger it may cause into human’s life. And few could write or recite any words or phrase that could remind them to stay away from drugs. The educational campaign helps by giving facts of the specific effects of drugs within the life of the person, relationship to others and to society. Education is important to acquire proper information. Prevention is better than cure.

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