We inspire, involve and empower people of the community.

The For A Better Pinmaludpod (FBP) is a private charitable organization that inspire, involve and empower people of the community.

The vision of the organization is to help some special projects which are beneficial to the community where we live or come from.

Our Belief
The Blessings of Service
The Blessings of Service, our advocacy to serve the community.
The principle of FBP is derived from the core value of love that is giving. “The Blessings of Service” awakens our conscious mind through service and love realizing the true essence of life.
Giving is sharing blessings and serving to give joy, harmony and strengthens values formation.

Our Logo

 The three colors signify the color of Filipino patriotism. The Sun at the center is a symbol of God giving light, a hope for better future. The red and blue is a symbol of hands, a giver, a caretaker and the manifestation of God's love to everyone.

The circular name of FOR A BETTER PINMALUDPOD emphasizes the unconditional service for the community.  

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